Anonymous Donor Provides Illuminated Safety Vests to State Fair Police
September 3rd, 2004

Protecting Those Who Protect Us™

Minneapolis – Friday, September 3, 2004 … The third highest killer of police officers isn’t guns or knives, it’s cars. That’s what inspired businessman John Golle of Safe Lites, LLC in Eden Prairie to create BeaconWear™, safety apparel for public safety personnel.

This year a local business and longtime vendor of the Minnesota State Fair donated $8,000 worth of personal protection equipment making it possible for State Fair patrol to be highly visible. The anonymous gift provides new technology for self-illuminating vest of electroluminescent (EL) lighting, powered by rechargeable Motorola batteries. This is the same technology used to power cell phones, PDAs and dashboards. The life-saving technology uses a combination of standard reflective material and breakthrough GlowSkin™ technology. It improves visibility from greater distances, from wider angles and in challenging weather conditions than any other safety vest on the market. They maintain a constant level of illumination for 8 to 10 hours and are visible from more than 500 feet.

A dramatic difference can be seen in the traditional reflector vests worn by officers directing traffic outside the fairgrounds compared to those inside sporting BeaconWear™.

Unfortunately, law enforcement budgets have been cut across the country. At $195.00 per vest, police and fire departments are hard-pressed to cover those needed. That’s where Safe Lites stepped in and created the Community Beacon Program™, which teams with community sponsors to provide donated vests.

Press Release – Protect Those Who Protect Us


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