Dodge in Hot Pursuit of Police Car Market with HEMI®-powered 2006 Dodge Charger
March 25th, 2005

Auburn Hills, Mich., – March 24, 2005 …

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BeaconWear™ Safety Vests

Chrysler Group is committed to the safety and security of its customers, employees and those who keep America safe. To keep members of the New York Police Traffic Department safer while performing their law enforcement duties, the Daimler Chrysler Corporation Fund donated 250 BeaconWear™ Safety Vests to the Department today at the New York Auto Show during the media reveal of the 2006 Dodge Charger Police vehicle.

While the Dodge Charger offers law enforcement agencies a four-door sedan with all the power, handling and functionality they require to effectively patrol the streets, the BeaconWear Safety Vest offers police officers the extra protection they need when outside of their vehicles. The most common cause of injury for police officers is being hit by another vehicle while outside of a squad car. The BeaconWear vest features reflective strips that can be seen further and more clearly when it is dark or weather is inclement. With the aid of battery-powered illuminated vests however, there is a decreased risk of police officers being injured, disabled or killed by a motorist when they leave their squad car.

Press Release – Dodge in Hot Pursuit / BeaconWear


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