Safe Lites Illuminated Safety Vests Go Beyond ANSI Class 2
September 26th, 2005

Company Launches National Dealer Channel

Miami – Sept. 26, 2005 … Illuminated safety vest designer Safe Lites, LLC (Eden Prairie, MN) launched a new promotion for its BeaconWear™ illuminated safety vests during the 112th annual International Association of Police Chiefs conference and exhibition being held here at the Miami Convention Center.  Called Go Beyond  ANSI Class 2, the promotion was created to inform prospective safety vest wearers about the limitations of ANSI Class 2 vests and how the company’s GlowSkin™ active illumination lighting system helps improve both conspicuousness and visibility in diminished light conditions such as rain, snow, fog, haze, smoke, or dust either during the day or night.  The company also announced that it is actively recruiting safety equipment dealers across the country to sell its BeaconWear vest.

The company says “old style” ANSI Class 2 vests primarily rely on light reflectivity to provide visibility for the user during diminished light conditions, something they call “passive illumination”.  Since passive illumination requires a separate light source and has a narrow field of viewing, Safe Lites says that the wearer is not as visible, or as protected, as they could be if the vest had “active illumination” where the vest is lighted independent of another source.

“We call BeaconWear an ANSI Class 2+ vest” said John Golle, Safe Lites founder and CEO. “It meets all of the requirements of ANSI Class 2 but goes beyond those standards to offer active illumination when equipped with one of our GlowSkin Power Paks.  This combinationoffers the wearer the greatest possible visibility in virtually any lighting condition.”

Safe Lites is actively recruiting retailers of safety equipment to join its new dealer program.
The program offers very attractive margins, an annual volume cash rebate, plus a marketing campaign designed to generate sales opportunities for participating dealers.  The company has made the commitment that its dealer network will be the distribution channel for its unique and patented safety vest.  “We will not compete with our dealers.  We are investing in creating market awareness about the value that illuminated personal protection equipment offers, which will create new business opportunities for our sales partners,” continued Golle.  “Our goal is to make BeaconWear the industry leader in Class 2 high visibility safety apparel. If combined with pants, the then Class 3 gear is unmatched in visibility and conspicuousness.”

Press Release – Safe Lites Illuminated Safety Vests Go Beyond ANSI Class 2


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