Spirit Mountain Casino Illuminates Free $1M Slot Pull
March 10th, 2008

Minneapolis  &  Portland  –  March  10,  2008  … GlowSkin® Active Illumination Technology
manufacturer Safe Lites, LLC (Eden Prairie, MN) went live today with its most recent public transit related GlowSkin enhanced advertising campaign. Through collaboration with Lamar Outdoor and Trimet, GlowSkin illuminated the launch of Spirit Mountain Casino’s Free $1,000,000 Slot Pull by segmenting the creative message to constantly illuminate specific components of the graphic while other components alternately flash on and off.  This program is scheduled to run for one year proving GlowSkin’s durability and its ability to stand up to the harshest of environments. “This installation presents yet another milestone for GlowSkin” states Craig D. Mack, Safe Lites’ President.  “Initially, we were the first to deliver an illuminated public transit campaign for a 30 day posting. Over time we’ve kept raising the bar until here we are today supporting year long campaigns. It really speaks to the quality and reliability of our products.”

Press Release – Spirit Mountain Casino Illuminates Free $1M Slot Pull


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